Crown Royal MapleToday, I am reviewing a new whisky just released by Crown Royal, the world-famous Canadian whisky giant.  This is my first review of a Canadian whisky on the site, so I’ll say a few things about the category.  Canadian whisky is simply whisky distilled and aged (three years minimum) in Canada.  It does not have qualifications as to what it can contain, other than the standard cereal grains that comprise all whiskies.  I’ll have a review of one of my favorite Canadian whiskies, Crown Royal Reserve, up later this week.

The product for today is Crown Royal Maple Finished whisky.  It is made by finishing Crown Royal in oak barrels infused with maple.  Contrary to popular opinion, this is truly a whisky, bottled at 80 proof.  It is not a whisky liqueur, like Drambuie or Southern Comfort.

On the nose, let’s just say this whisky is sweet.  Literally, it smells overpoweringly of maple, pancake syrup.  Honestly, it smells delicious, but I would probably rather put it on waffles than drink it.  The palate continues the maple thing, although there is a little butterscotch and drying oak towards the back of the palate.  The finish has some drying oak with it, too, but it is mostly thick maple syrup.  Adding water just makes the whisky go a little further, but it does very little to alter the fact that you are drinking something that resembles Aunt Jemima.

Overall, I do not enjoy drinking this straight.  However, I can definitely see the appeal of this whisky.  I think Crown Royal Maple has the potential to be a phenomenal mixing whisky.  A little of this stuff in your coffee or tea would make for a wonderful drink on a winter’s eve.  Generally, I am a fan of Crown Royal’s craft products, but this one is definitely made to be mixed.  My Grade: C-/D+.  Price: $30-35/750ml.  This one might a good one for the holidays to make some hot toddies, but that is the only reason I’d buy it.