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Bourbon Rankings (Taste)

I have had several people ask me to provide a ranking of the bourbons I have reviewed based solely on the bourbon.  Well, here are my bourbon grades.  Check out my grading scale here.

1.  Booker’s (A)

2. Four Roses Single Barrel (A-)

3. Russell’s Reserve 10 Year (B+)

4. Jefferson’s 18 yr. Presidential Select (B+)

5. Noah’s Mill (B+)

6. Rowan’s Creek (B+)

7. Maker’s 46 (B+)

8. Rock Hill Farms (B+/B)

9. Wild Turkey 101 (B+/B)

10. Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2002 (B)

11. Woodford Reserve (B)

12. Eagle Rare 10 Year Single Barrel (B)

13. Blanton’s Original (B)

14. Wild Turkey Rare Breed (B)

15. Four Roses Small Batch (B)

16. Knob Creek 9 Year Single Barrel Reserve (B/B-)

17. Elmer T. Lee (B/B-)

18. Basil Hayden’s (B-)

19. Buffalo Trace (B-)

20. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut (B-)

21. Elijah Craig 12 Year (B-)

22. W.L. Weller 12 Year (B-)

23. Willett Pot Still Single Barrel Family Reserve (B-)

24. Jefferson’s (B-)

25. Four Roses Yellow Label (C+)

26. Wild Turkey 81 (C+)

27. Old Forester (C/C+)

28. Knob Creek 9 Year Small Batch (C)

29. Old Grand-Dad Bonded (C)

30. Old Weller Antique (C)

31. Jim Beam Black Label (C)

32. Evan Williams Black Label (C)

33. Bulliet Frontier (C)

34. Berkshire Bourbon (C)

35.  Fighting Cock 6 Year (C-)

36. Kentucky Vintage (C-)

37. John E. Fitzgerald Larceny (C-)

38. Maker’s Mark (C-)

39. Wild Turkey 80 (C-)

40. Jim Beam White Label (C-)

41. Jesse James (D+)

Those are my bourbon rankings ranked solely on my tastes.  That’s the fun of bourbon, you might rank these completely different.  Which ones would you change?

Jesse James Review

Jesse James became famous for their outlawed beer, and they have now delved into the world of bourbon whiskey with “America’s Outlaw Bourbon.”  It is a relatively new product, so I’m not sure how widely distributed it is just yet, but I think it might catch on fairly quickly.  It is pretty cheap, and isn’t too shabby as a bourbon either.  Like many other entry level bourbons, it is 80 proof (40% abv), which makes it very drinkable if you aren’t used to whiskey.

The nose has a distinct corn sweetness, with some oak and possibly cinnamon spice coming through.  This bourbon has a smooth mouth feel, without much burn or alcohol coming through at all.  The palate is simple, with some soft vanilla sweetness and a little spice that roams through the taste.  The finish is short, sweet, and smooth.  There is a little oak and rye in the finish, but there isn’t much there.

Overall, I was more impressed with this bourbon than I thought I would be.  My grade: D+.  Price: $15-20/750ml.  This is a good whiskey to keep around to mix up, but it is not all that good when drank straight up.