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Bulliet 10 Year Frontier Bourbon Review

Bulliet 10Today, I am reviewing a relatively new bourbon on the market, Bulliet 10 year-old Frontier bourbon.  Bulliet is not a label that does any of its distilling, and my research seems to indicate that Bulliet is getting this bourbon from Four Roses.  As my readers will know, I’ve always been a big fan of Bulliet 95 rye whiskey, but I have not been a big fan of Bulliet Frontier Bourbon.  That said, I was excited to give the 10 year bourbon a whirl.  I was gifted a few samples from a bartending friend of mine, for which I am much obliged to him.  Bulliet 10 is bottled in the classic frontier-style Bulliet bottle at 91.2 proof (45.6% abv), only 1.2 proof points higher than the standard Bulliet offering, which is only 6 years old.

On the nose, there are dusty notes of rye spices, with warming oak spice and caramel rounding out the nose.  The palate is light to medium in its body, but still very tasty.  It opens with sweet flavors, as in milk chocolate, vanilla custard, and corn sweetness.  The palate is rounded out well with cinnamon, fresh oak, and rye.  The finish is short (much shorter than I would have thought), leaving little bits of rye, corn, and oak.

Overall, this is a good, woody, very drinkable bourbon.  The sweet and spiced flavors are very well balanced throughout.  I was surprised that this one did not have much of a floral strain running through it, but I guess that goes to show me.  My biggest complaint was how short this bourbon was.  A whiskey does not have to be heavy to be long and flavorful, but Bulliet 10 yr. was too short and too light for my money.  I would love to see this whiskey at 100 proof, or even a bit higher.  The flavors are good, but not concentrated enough for my tastes.  My grade: B-/B.  Price: $45-50/750ml.  A very good whiskey, but I think I would lean in other directions at this price point.

Bulliet 95 Review

As many folks who know me (either in person or through the blog) know, I am not a big fan of Bulliet Frontier Bourbon.  However, I had been told by several people that I should give Bulliet’s rye whiskey a try.  So, without adieu, here is my review of Bulliet 95.

Contrary to what folks may tell you, Bulliet 95 is not 95 proof.  It is a 90 proof whiskey that takes its name from the percentage of rye in the mash bill.  The whiskey is from Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana, and it is bottled in Bulleit’s signature frontier-style bottle.

Bulliet is a unique whiskey.  It has an distinct gin undertone that runs through it.  On the nose, it smells of citrus, juniper, mint, lemon, cilantro, caramel, and freshly cut pine.  It is a unique, but wonderful nose.  The palate continues the flavors of evergreens and juniper berries.  There are also notes of vanilla, mint, honeysuckle, and the slight twinge of rock candy.  The finish is delicious and medium in its length.  It has the piney, evergreen notes that characterize the whiskey, but it also fades into some of the complexity demonstrates by the palate and the nose with some whispers of vanilla and caramel.

Overall, this is a really nice whiskey.  It has a unique character that is strong throughout the whiskey, but it has a lot of complexity which keeps it interesting all the way through.  In addition (according to my roommate), Bulliet 95 makes one hell of a Sazerac.  My grade: B+.  Price: $30-35/750ml.  This is a step up from an everyday whiskey, and it makes a high-class cocktail for any uppity friends you may have.