Today, I am reviewing George Dickel Rye whiskey, the newest George Dickel product to hit the liquor store shelves.  As many of my loyal readers know, when it comes to Tennessee whiskey, George Dickel gets the nod over Jack Daniel’s for me every day of the week.  However, George Dickel Rye is not actually distilled at the Dickel distillery in Tullahoma, TN.  George Dickel Rye is sourced from Midwest Grain Products (MGP), and is only bottled under the George Dickel label at 90 proof (45% abv).  That said, I believe that George Dickel does charcoal filter the whisky with their chill filtration process just like they do their Tennessee whisky.  There is no age statement on George Dickel Rye, but my guess is that it is about 5 years old or so.George Dickel Rye

On the nose, George Dickel is very reminiscent of a typical MGP rye.  There are notes of spearmint, rye, anise, dill brine, and some light vanilla.  The palate is soft and simple, but delicious, giving off nice flavors of spearmint, pine needles, vanilla, and some sugar cane.  The finish is medium-long with a minted sharpness along with some good rye and pine, with a small hint of vanilla.

Overall, this whisky reminds me a lot of Bulliet 95, possibly just a hair younger.  I don’t get all the sweeter flavors from Dickel that I do from Bulliet 95 (although I must admit I have not yet done a side-by-side tasting).  George Dickel is a very drinkable rye that presents great rye flavors from start to finish with enough influence from the barrel to make it all work.  My grade: B.  Price: $25-30/750ml.  This is a great rye to have in the cabinet because it is a good whisky neat, but versatile enough for great cocktails.  Let it ride!

Much thanks to the folks at Diageo and George Dickel for the sample!