Rock Hill FarmsAfter a brief departure into the world of Islay Scotch with my reviews, I am returning to bourbon this evening with a review of one of the coolest looking bottles on the market today – Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon.  Rock Hill Farms is a bourbon bottled from a single bottle from Buffalo Trace.  There is very little information about this bourbon on the bottle, no age statement or any information on the barrel.  It is bottled at 100 proof, but that is all that Buffalo Trace tells us about this one (I’ve heard that it is made from the same mash bill as Blanton’s, but just aged elsewhere in Buffalo Trace’s warehouses).

On the nose, Rock Hill Farms is wonderfully enticing.   The traditional notes of sweet corn and caramel are present, but there are some interesting notes, too.  Sweet cocoa dust, wood shavings, and some white chocolate all emerge.  It is definitely a “spicy” bourbon.  The palate is full bodied, with some nutty notes (almonds, candied pecans), vanilla, corn, oak, and bitter dark chocolate.  The finish is medium-long, with some spices staying around nicely.  The cocoa dust is there with some oak and candied pecans.

Overall, this is a very tasty bourbon, one that is both traditional and unique.  It is a pure pleasure to drink, even though it feels disjointed at some places.  It is a little rough around the edges, but also refined.  It is a hard bourbon to put my finger on and describe, which probably means that it is doing something right.  My grade: B+/B.  Price: $45-50/750ml.  This is a great bourbon to have in the cabinet because it tastes great, and it looks pretty awesome in any collection.  However, there are bourbons that I prefer at $50 a bottle.