Of course, bourbon can be enjoyed any time.  As my roommate Chris likes to say, “I drink three times a year, my Birthday, New Year’s, and any time I damn well please.”  That said, good bourbon deserves company and good times, which is why I present my Top Ten Occasions to Drink Bourbon.

10. After Work – I always enjoy relaxing after a stressful day at work with a glass of good bourbon to celebrate not having to go back to work until tomorrow.

Photo Courtesy: whiskydisks.com

Photo Courtesy: whiskydisks.com

9. Fourth of July – The perfect time to celebrate America’s native spirit is on America’s Independence Day.  It would rank higher if it weren’t so damn hot in July.  Drinking bourbon rarely cools me down like a few cold beers.

8. Funeral – This might seem odd, but I do believe it is appropriate to toast the good life of a good friend by opening a special bottle of bourbon.

7. Birthday – Of course, nothing celebrates a good friend like a good bottle drank with good friends.

6. New Year’s Eve – In my mind, every year should start and end with bourbon.

5. Christmas – The family is all gathered together, which makes Christmas a good time to crack a bottle of bourbon.  This is also a great opportunity to win bourbon converts.

4. Thanksgiving – Guess what I am thankful for… bourbon.

3. Arbor Day – So often, we forget to thank the tall American White oaks that have sacrificed themselves to impart the soft flavors of their wood into our bourbon.  I like to salute them with a few drinks on Arbor Day.

2. Birth of a Child – Just like a child, bourbon is born raw and uncouth.  Over time, it ages, smoothing out the rough edges on a journey to a wonderful finished product.

1. A Wedding – Really, bourbon is a lot like a wedding.  A wedding brings people together into one family.  Bourbon brings ingredients together into one, brilliant spirit.  Plus, there is a lot to celebrate on a wedding, which makes it my favorite time to open up a good bottle and share the joy of bourbon.

Those are my favorite occasions to drink bourbon.  What are yours?

Merry Christmas from Bargain Bourbon,