This is a list of all the bourbons I have reviewed on the site, arranged according to their price point.  I have ordered them within the price ranges according to the value of this whiskey (in my opinion).  My grades are in parentheses.

$10-15: Evan Williams Black Label (C)

$15-20: Jim Beam White Label (C-), Jesse James (D+)

$20-25: Four Roses Yellow Label (C+), Wild Turkey 81 (C+), Old Forester (C/C+), Old Grand-Dad Bonded (C), Old Weller Antique (C), Jim Beam Black Label (C), Fighting Cock 6 yr. (C-), Wild Turkey 80 (C-)

$25-30: Wild Turkey 101 (B+/B), Eagle Rare 10 yr. Single Barrel (B), Four Roses Small Batch (B), Elmer T. Lee (B-/B), Buffalo Trace (B-), Jim Beam Devil’s Cut (B-), Elijah Craig 12 yr. (B-), W.L. Weller 12 yr. (B-), Kentucky Vintage (C-), John E. Fitzgerald Larceny (C-), Maker’s Mark (C-)

$30-35: Russell’s Reserve 10 yr. (B+), Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2002 (B), Woodford Reserve (B), Jefferson’s (B-), Knob Creek Small Batch (C), Bulliet Frontier (C), Berkshire Bourbon (C)

$35-40: Four Roses Single Barrel (A-), Rowan’s Creek (B+), Maker’s 46 (B+), Wild Turkey Rare Breed (B), Basil Hayden’s (B-)

$40-45: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve (B/B-), Willett Pot Still Reserve Single Barrel (B-)

$45-50: Booker’s (A), Noah’s Mill (B+), Rock Hill Farms (B+/B), Blanton’s Original (B)

$90-100: Jefferson’s 18 yr. Presidential Select (B+)

The best way to navigate this list (and the liquor aisles), is to have an idea of the flavor you are looking for and a price you are willing to spend.  There is almost always an intersection of the two available somewhere in the whisk(e)y world.  So get out and enjoy America’s native spirit (responsibly) and let it ride!