Kentucky Vintage is the third product that I have reviewed by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (the other two being Noah’s Mill and Rowan’s Creek).  Kentucky Vintage is a small batch bourbon bottled at 90 proof.  There is no age statement on this whiskey, but I suspect that it is between 6-10 years old, and probably a batching of whiskeys of different ages.  This is an interesting whiskey to review on this site because I have seen Kentucky Vintage at many different prices depending on where you get it.  I have seen it sold for as little as $22 a bottle, but I have also seen it sold for as much $45.  Therefore, take where you live and where you are buying it if you are interested in picking up a bottle of Kentucky Vintage.

On the nose, Kentucky Vintage is a quite shy.  It takes a few drops of water to open it up to big whiffs of caramel and charred oak.  On the palate, Kentucky Vintage has a good, full body to it, and it is very sweet.  The biggest flavors are brown sugar and caramel, with some oak coming through towards the back of the palate.  The finish gives off strong oak, some tannin, and a slight whiff of caramel after a while.  When drank neat, the finish is long and warming, but with a few drops of water to open the nose up, the finish is drastically shortened.

Overall, Kentucky Vintage falls short of my expectations of KBD’s small batch bourbons.  Noah’s Mill and Rowan’s Creek both leave Kentucky Vintage in the dust in my opinion.  Kentucky Vintage is not very complex, and the oak is not integrated very well.  However, I do think the sweet character of Kentucky Vintage would make a great mixer for certain whiskey-based mixed drinks, so if you find a bottle for cheap, it might be worth the buy.  My grade: C-.  Price: $25-30/750ml.  This is a good mixing bourbon, but not much of a sipper.