I have been asked recently about this bourbon, so I thought I would get to a review this week.  Bulleit Frontier Bourbon is a 90 proof high-rye bourbon out of the Bulleit Distilling Company (Bulleit is bottled at the LDI distillery in Indiana, so it is not technically Kentucky Straight Bourbon).  It is a controversial bourbon in the sense that most people I know either love it or hate it.  Therefore, don’t take my word too heavily on this bourbon, just try it for yourself.  However, I’ve had some people ask me what my thoughts were on it, so here we go.

Bulleit has a fantastic nose, with the floral, peppery scents of the rye coming through.  There is a hidden sweetness that lingers, vanilla and orange peels.  However, I think this bourbon takes a turn for the worse once you drink it.  The palate is overpowered by the drying sensation of the rye, although there is some light pepper and cinnamon in the background.  The rye stays for the finish, mixing in with a little oak.  I would like to see this bourbon aged a hair longer (its only 6 years old) and bottled at a higher proof to see what it might do to the finish.  This bourbon definitely has some strong points, but overall, it is definitely not my favorite.  My grade: C.  Price: $30-35/750ml.  This is one bourbon that I am not a fan of.  It makes the grade, but not much else.