Eagle Rare is a great line of products from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  It is available in both a single barrel 10 year expression, and a small batch 17 year edition.  Today’s review is of the 10 year (primarily because the 17 year is a bit out of my price range at present), which is just above the price range of Buffalo Trace’s namesake bourbon.  Eagle Rare is also the first single barrel bourbon that I’ve reviewed on the site.  Single barrel bourbon means just what you would think; the bourbon in the bottle all comes from the same barrel.  This adds a new dimension to the bourbon in that each bottle won’t be exactly the same as the next, and it also means that the flavors of the specific barrel are usually more pronounced.

My favorite part of Eagle Rare is the nose.  It is rich, with burnt sugars, caramel, charred/spiced oak, and roasted vanilla.  The mouth feel is very wholesome, filling all corners of your mouth with roasted maple syrup and caramel.  As the bourbon rumbles down the throat, there is a long, solid finish of vanilla, oak, and some of the rich, sweet char from the barrel.

Although Eagle Rare is the same proof (90) as Buffalo Trace, it is definitely a bigger bourbon.  It feels like it has a proof of 100 or so.  It is definitely an oaky bourbon where the charred barrel is the star of the show.  My grade: B.  Price: $25-30/750ml.  Although the whiskey varies from barrel to barrel, it is one of my standard pours.  A very nice whiskey, indeed.