Jesse James became famous for their outlawed beer, and they have now delved into the world of bourbon whiskey with “America’s Outlaw Bourbon.”  It is a relatively new product, so I’m not sure how widely distributed it is just yet, but I think it might catch on fairly quickly.  It is pretty cheap, and isn’t too shabby as a bourbon either.  Like many other entry level bourbons, it is 80 proof (40% abv), which makes it very drinkable if you aren’t used to whiskey.

The nose has a distinct corn sweetness, with some oak and possibly cinnamon spice coming through.  This bourbon has a smooth mouth feel, without much burn or alcohol coming through at all.  The palate is simple, with some soft vanilla sweetness and a little spice that roams through the taste.  The finish is short, sweet, and smooth.  There is a little oak and rye in the finish, but there isn’t much there.

Overall, I was more impressed with this bourbon than I thought I would be.  My grade: D+.  Price: $15-20/750ml.  This is a good whiskey to keep around to mix up, but it is not all that good when drank straight up.