Since the beginning of my blog, there have been two articles that people have been requesting: a Wild Turkey review and a system of ranking my favorite value bourbons.  Therefore, I will be reviewing Wild Turkey today, and I am working on a fair system of rating bourbons that should have the kinks ironed out in a day or two.

Wild Turkey is arguably (with Jim Beam) the most recognizable bourbon on the market.  Made by the famous Austin Nichols Distillery, the 80 proof edition is the baseline bourbon in the Wild Turkey family.  It is more expensive than Jim Beam’s White Label, but it is also a better whiskey in my opinion.  Wild Turkey is famous for their rye-forward mash bill, which tends to give their products spicier overtones when compared with other bourbon recipes that call for a lot of wheat.  (Remember, all bourbons are made from at least 51% corn, but what makes up the remaining 49% of the mash recipe has a lot to do with the finished bourbon product.)

The nose of Wild Turkey is a little flat.  It has some familiar bourbon notes of corn and vanilla behind a light coat of rye spice, but the notes are pretty flat.  Wild Turkey has a surprisingly robust mouth feel, with pronounced bursts of vanilla and a spice that balances between cinnamon and rye.  The whiskey finishes clean with some vanilla, caramel, spice, and maybe a hint of dried tea leaves.  Overall, this a good baseline whiskey that is a good value and a good indication of what to expect from the Austin Nichols Distillery.  My grade: C-.  Price: $20-25/750ml.  This is a nice mixer and a decent sipper, but I would rather go a little cheaper.