One of the most well-known and popular bourbon distilleries is the James B. Beam Distilling Company.  This distillery produces a wide variety of whiskeys, from their well-known white label to their small batch collection of craft bourbons.  Jim Beam White Label is the cheapest bourbon ($15-$20 per 750ml) that is sold by the distillery, and it is a decent entry level bourbon for somebody interested in starting their bourbon career.  Like Four Roses Yellow Label, Jim Beam White is only 80 proof, which makes it a drinkable bourbon if you are not used to drinking whiskey.  White Label also has a very distinctive and traditional bourbon character, which makes it a good bourbon for learning about what to expect from bourbon.  The nose has notes of vanilla, some light fruits, and some lingering oak.  The palate is traditional bourbon, with notes of vanilla, corn, caramel sweetness, and some oak.  The finish is pretty clean, but still warming.  What makes White Label a cheap bourbon is that the notes are very flat, and they do not come together with any character.  Jim Beam White Label will give you a bland version of the journey that bourbon can take you on, but it leaves a lot to be desired (and consumed) in older, more complex bourbons.

My grade: C-.  Price: $15-20/750ml.  This is a nice, sweet, simple bourbon that makes a nice standard pour on the bottom shelf.