My first bourbon review in the history of Bourbon for Beginners is of Four Roses Yellow from the Four Roses distillery.  The reason I am reviewing this bourbon first is because I think it is the best value bourbon that I have ever had.  It is a bourbon that is great for newcomers to whiskey because it is only 80 proof and it is very soft throughout.  It is very mellow on the palate, and the finish is smooth and subtle.  This bourbon is not aged very long, so it doesn’t have the heavy oak notes that some bourbons have.  Fruity and floral notes control the whiskey for the most part, which makes it a great bourbon for the beach, or for anyone looking to experience bourbon at its most basic level for under $20.  My grade: C+/B-.  Price: $20-25/750ml.  This is a nice standard pour, especially for price.  It does not offer a ton of complexity, but it is a great introduction to bourbon.